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40 Pieces Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers Super Hooks, Hang Art, Clock, Shelves, Mirrors, Frames or Planters for Home and Office Decorations

PinCute 40 PCS Picture Hangers Monkey Hooks, Easy to Hang Mirrors, Frames, Clock, Shelves, or Planters

Easy to install, more convenient for your home decoration.
The unique design allows them to hold heavy objects while only making a small hole in the wall.
Lightweight, super-strong spring steel product that enables anyone to hang a picture, mirror or wall accessory of up to 100 lbs.

How to Use:
Put the pointed tip of the hook on the wall, and hold the rounded part in the palm of your hand. Apply a firm pressure and twist the hook into the wall.

Once it is through the wall, turn the hook upward.

Push it completely into the wall until only the hook is exposed.

Leath:3.54 inch
Quantity:40 PCS.

Kindly Note:
These super monkey hooks are suitable for drywall, plaster wall and panel wall.
NOT for brick wall and concrete wall.
Be carefully when you use the hook, it’s sharp to get though the wall.
Please keep away from children.

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Hanging: These super monkey hooks hold up to 100lbs in drywall, and can be used together with multiple hooks, so it bears more load.
  • No Damage to Wall: Our monkey hooks are a great way to hang your mirrors and pictures efficiently and securely. No need to find a stud, they can be installed without tools by pushing through drywall leaving only the hook exposed.
  • Strong & Sturdy: Made of high-quality steel, the sharp side can easily pass through drywall, plaster and paneling, but not brick or concrete walls.
  • Wide Application: Picture hangers can be used to hang portraits, flower pots, mirrors, works of art, etc. Perfect for hanging on drywall, plaster, and paneling.
  • Quality Guarantee: We promise 60 days money back guarantee and free products exchange if any problem!

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LAS Company Picture Hangers Hooks Kit Heavy Duty Assorted 160 Piece with Nails for 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100-Pound Wall Mounting on Drywall, Plaster and Wood

IMPORTANT: Do not exceed hook weight ratings. Weight ratings are based on installation into studs and reinforced drywall. Wall surface, and its condition may reduce weight holding capacity.

Product Features

  • Well organized picture hanging kit that you can Securely hang a total of 80 frames, mirrors, clocks etc. with this 160-piece picture hook & nail set.
  • Our kits include 20 each rated to support 10lb, 20lb & 30lb items and 10 each rated for 50lb & 100lb items.
  • Better-quality heavy-duty nickel plated with angled nail design for strength and security you can trust.
  • Ideal for use on drywall, wood, plasterboard. Not recommended for concrete.
  • We take pride in delivering a quality product. If, within 30 days, you are unhappy for any reason, return your kit with no questions asked.

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Earthquake Hangers 30 lb – 15 Pack – Tremor Hanger – Earthquake Picture Hanging Hooks – Earthquake Picture Hangers – Picture Hang Solutions

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Tremor picture hangers have a raised nail collar to guide the nails into the wall at the proper 45 degree angle. The sharp steel nails will penetrate plaster or drywall with a very small hole to minimize damage. The professional tremor hooks are used by galleries and museums in earthquake areas to prevent the art from falling off of the wall.

When hanging your art,use your finger to guide the wire to slide or snap under the hook’s spring. Apply picture load gradually to insure proper hold. After hanging a wired piece of art, peek behind it to make sure the wire is inside the spring clip. The spring clip on the front of the hook can also turn and be rotated away from the hook to hang or remove the wire.

These strong and sturdy hooks and nails are reusable if they have not been damaged during installation or removal. Using gentle tapping when installing and proper nail removal will allow for multiple uses of the professional brass plated tremor hooks. To remove tremor hooks use fingers or pliers to pull the nail out at a 45 degree angle with a slight twisting motion. Prying a hook away from the wall with a tool will usually damage the wall surface and possibly the hook or nail.

Product Features

  • Earthquake Hooks or Tremor Hangers prevent artwork from falling off the hook in earthquake areas.
  • Tremor hooks are for areas where the wall shakes from slamming doors, trains or earthquakes. Tremor Hangers are also called Kidsafe Hangers since they help prevent a picture from being pulled or bumped off a wall.
  • Safe Picture hangers work well in drywall, wood or plaster walls and will support 30 pounds
  • Earthquake picture hooks hold the picture frame wire under the hook’s spring. When hanging your art,use your finger to guide the wire to slide or snap under the hook’s spring. The wire can slide under the spring on the front of the hook. The spring can also be rotated away from the hook to hang the picture.
  • Includes 15 tremor hooks and 15 sharp steel picture nails

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