Sharpet 19.7ft Battery Operated Warm White LED String Lights. 100 Tiny Bright Lights on a 6M Flexible Silver-coated Copper Wire.

Sharpet Micro LED String Lights are powered by 3 AA batteries (Not included). The small bulbs, closely spaced only 2.5″ apart, radiate an intensely bright glow. The flexibility of the three strand copper wire allows you to bend them easily to your design. The silver colored lacquer coating makes the wire water proof and simple to blend into your decorations.

Whether you are an experienced crafter or new to decorating with light your imagination is the only limit to their many uses. Twining them around holiday garlands, wreaths or centerpieces, or floral arrangements and shrubbery, adds a stunning touch. Run in a straight or shaped line along the edge of the ceiling, a table, or tent to beautiful effect.

Any clear container becomes uniquely brilliant when the lights are simply coiled inside. Vases, jars and bottle groupings take on a magical appearance when filled with sparkling points of light. Hung behind gauzy drapes on a 4 poster or elsewhere instantly adds a dash of romance and enchantment to your bedroom or other spaces.

Weddings, Christmas, and other holidays are popular applications. But picture these starry lights illuminating a garden arch or gazebo, softly lighting your tent or campsite, or providing a pretty yet practical option to light a craft fair display where outlets are not available. Use everyday to highlight your collectibles, provide a spotlight inside a hutch or cabinet, or accent a mirror.

Product Features

  • ► 100 INDIVIDUALLY MOUNTED MICRO RICE TYPE LEDS – are densely spaced only 2.5 inches apart on approximately 20 Ft of wire. The close placement of the LEDs maximizes their warm white brightness and gives the fairy/starry effect many customers desire.
  • ► ENERGY EFFICIENT, SAFE, STAYS COOL TO THE TOUCH – Takes 3 AA batteries (not included) in a small clear case which is easy to conceal. Over 48 hours of steady output when used continuously, and many more with normal on/off usage. With periodic battery replacement these led lights will provide enjoyment for many years.
  • ► TRIPLE STRAND OF FINE COPPER WIRE – is silver coated to be attractive and nearly invisible in place. Thin and extremely flexible, the wire can be delicately bent to conform to any fixture or object or shaped in a free form display direct from your own imagination. Fill a transparent or colored translucent container with a simple coil of light.
  • ► WATER RESISTANT TO IP65 INDUSTRY STANDARD – Perfect for use where you wish to submerge the strand – a vase, glass bowl, or aquarium. Use without worry outside on your deck, yard or house. Please note that the battery box itself is NOT waterproof, so must be placed to the side of (not in) any water displays. Outside the box should be tucked in a protected spot or covered where exposed directly to the elements.
  • ► LIMITLESS INDOOR/OUTDOOR USES – include weddings, holidays, and all celebrations. Bend around and through floral arrangements, submerge in vases among water pearls, illuminate bed draping, coil inside bottles, lanterns and mason jars. Spread fairy light around your yard and edge a porch rail, deck umbrella or gazebo with stars.

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  • Anonymous March 13, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    A REGRETFUL PURCHASE I’m not sure if I got a bad set of these lights, or if the positive reviews are fake, but i regret wasting money on these. I have bought many sets of rice lights from a retail store and these, in comparison, are of an inferior quality. First, the wire comes wrapped in a bundle with one end of the wire knotted around the bundle. The battery pack was attached to the knotted end so that i had to spend 20 minutes delicately threading the wire through the knot to unwind it. The quality of the…

  • Anonymous March 13, 2020 at 9:36 pm

    Cute, tiny, affordable, and bright! The wire tangles easily, so remove and store them carefully. These little fairy lights are WAY brighter than I thought they’d be! They worked great with Amazon Basics AA Batteries.They’re a bit of a pain to store. The wire tangles very easily. I MacGyver’d a storage solution out of the cardboard tube of an empty toilet paper roll. The control box slips into the tube, then I pushed it down so it was in the center of the tube. I cut two small slits on the ends of the tube and fed the cord up through one of the slits then carefully wrapped the…

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