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Adjustable Hooks for Gallery Picture Hanging System fits Nylon Cords or Steel Cables – Hangs Wire, sawtooths or Thin Panels Like foamboard – 10 Pack

The flat or square hook is a unique and versatile design that slides up and down on picture hanging cable like a zipper. Any wired piece of art can easily be hung on the hook, but it also can be used to hang pictures that have a sawtooth hanger. Some metal frames can also be hung on the flat hook by slipping the hook into the metal frame channel. Awards and plaques sometimes have a horizontal keyhole slot on the back and this is the only gallery system hook that can fit in it. Panels up to 3/16″ thick can be displayed by using two of the flat hooks, one at top and one at the bottom of any foamboard, metal or thin wood panel. The gallery hanging system by Picture Hang Solutions is the ideal hardware to create or expand your gallery. Our hooks and cables all work together to allow you expand your gallery system or add to another brand gallery system since our hooks work with any 1.5 – 2.0mm perlon or nylon cords or steel cables. Art gallery picture hanging system by Picture Hang Solutions is backed by our 5 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Unique Flat hook can be used to hang frames with wire or sawtooths. Also fits in some metal frames or the horizontal notch on plaques or awards
  • Hangs panels up to 3/16″ thick like foamcore, metal or thin wood panels by using two flat hooks together
  • Side Screw Gallery Hook supports 44 pounds(20kg) includes 10 hooks
  • Sliding Picture Hook works on any 1.5 – 2.0mm nylon cord or steel cable to hang frames and is compatible with most gallery hanging systems
  • Adjustable flat hook locks in place with a firm turn of the side screw using fingers or small screwdriver

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STAS Zipper Pro – Picture Hanging Security Hooks for Perlon Cords or Steel Cables or Wires (6)

Our patented STAS zipper hook is now offered with a theft delaying bracket. Still easy to use and simple to adjust, the Zipper Pro is ideal for public spaces or where security is a concern. The bracket does not permit the artwork to be simply lifted off of the hook. The security bracket will also hold the artwork firmly in place, so if the picture frame is accidentally bumped it will not fall off of the hook onto the floor. With STAS zipper pro hooks you can hang your paintings, photo frames and other wall decorations perfectly. The zipper pro hook is so simple to adjust that you can hang your decorations at the right height in an instant. Press the side button to adjust the height then release the button and the hook automatically locks in place. The Zipper Pro hook in combination with the perlon cord can bear a load of up to 33 lbs per hook, in combination with the steel cable it can bear a load of up to 44 lbs per hook. For more purchasing options view our full selection of products sold by SHADES Picture Hanging. Perlon cords and steel cables sold separately.

Product Features

  • Features a theft-delaying security bracket that also will hold your artwork securely in place
  • Secure and easy to use, position your artwork in an instant
  • Unique patented STAS solution for heavier pictures up to 44 lb (when used on STAS steel cables)
  • Can be used with most picture hanging cords, cables or wires of 1.6 – 2mm thickness (1/16″ – 5/64″)
  • Will bear loads up to 33 lb when used on STAS perlon cords or up to 44 lb when used on STAS steel cables

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STAS Picture Hanging System minirail White 150 cm – Complete kit, incl. 2 Cords 150cm with Hooks

The patented STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the world. The rail is only 16 mm wide and perfectly blends in with your interior. The STAS minirail system is very easy to use. Fitting, using the specially developed STAS minirail clipscrew, couldn’t be simpler. If you want an elegant, barely visible picture hanging system, the STAS minirail system is your best choice. The STAS minirail is an elegant rail that is attached to the wall.

Product Features

  • The patented STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the world.
  • Installation materials included
  • Use with matching picture rail hooks and cords to hang your pictures flexibly (2 sets included)
  • Add and rearrange your picture frames very easily, without tools!
  • Length: 59 inch (150 cm)

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