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French Cleat Picture Hanger Kit 6 Inch – 3 Pairs – Small Z Bar Hanger Supports 50 lbs – Z Clip Mirror Hanging Hardware

Picture Hanging Cleats or French Cleats are an elegant way to hang art. Not only do they provide a more stable hanging of art, they also keep art level on the wall.

Light-Duty Cleat Hangers attach to the wall with the screws and plastic anchors supplied. This fastening method creates a solid, stable support for the frame. The 6″ aluminum cleats have two pre-punched slotted screw holes, four inches on center. The holes are slotted to allow for a small amount of leveling while you are screwing the cleat to the wall and to your art.

The six inch cleat is recommended for frames up to 20 inches wide. If your frame is wider, you should use a cleat longer than six inches. This light duty cleat hardware will support up to 50 pounds. The cleat is 1 1/8 inches wide so the wood frame or artwork you are attaching it to must be at least that width to accommodate the cleat.

If your artwork or craft project has a backing material that is either too thin or too soft to accept screw fasteners or is plastic, we recommend either a silicone-based liquid adhesive or a good quality double-sided foam-backed tape to attach the cleat instead of screws. In these situations be aware that the adhesive you use must adhere equally well to the aluminum cleat and whatever backing material you are dealing with and create a permanent bond on both surfaces.

French Cleats are the ideal picture hanging hardware for wood frames, picture frames, mirrors, framed photographs, wood crafts, pallet projects, pallet wood, stretched canvases, photo transfers on wood, triptychs, floating shelf, whiteboard, small cabinet and much more.

Product Features

  • Picture Cleat for wood frames up to 20″ wide
  • Cleat Hanger supports up to 50 pounds. Mounting bracket can be used for many wall mount products.
  • Cleats are made of extruded aluminum 1 1/8″ wide by 3/64″ thick. A french cleat hanger is also called z clip, z bar hangers and wall cleats
  • French Cleat Kits include all fastening hardware required for installation and easy to follow picture hanging instructions
  • Includes 6 each of the #8 plastic anchors, #8 x 1″ screws, #8 x 1/2″ screws, clear bumpers, instructions

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BIGTEDDY – 4″ French Cleat Picture Hangers Hardware Kit Mount Aluminum Z Bar Clips Hanging Mounting Bracket for Mirror Photo Shelf and Cabinet (4 Pairs)

Installion Guide and Tips

All the hardware are included with the package already. But there are somethings you may need to pay attention to.
1. You will need an electric drill, screwdriver and also a level ( I personally download one from mobile application)
2. Drill hole for anchors and screws, which is easy
3. The shorter nail is about 15mm long. The aluminum cleats are 3mm thick. So there are 12mm ( 0.47″) of the nail will go into the frame or the thing you need to hang
4. This example is best to direct downward pressure. If you want to hang or mount a small shelf. I strongly recommend a longer nail

Product Features

  • Effeicient – 4 inch cleat can supports up to 50 pounds, you can install 2 mount for more secure mounting
  • Good Inter-locking – Leave no gap between cleats so you can hang a light shelf. Very nice for wood wall decoration.
  • Highly Flexible – You can change your design easily, create a new look wall art for home from time to time. The cleats are reusable
  • Multi Purposes – It can use for picture frame or mirror mounting, or a tools caginet for garage. You can take it out and put it back in seconds
  • All in One – This set include not only 4 pairs aluminum alloy made Z clips, but also all fastening hardware for installations, all you need is drill and screwdrivers

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Command Picture Hanging Kit| Damage-Free Hanging Strips & Leveler| Perfect for Hanging Small & Large Frames, Photos, Pictures on Walls & More| No Nail/Hook Damage| Easy Hanging (12 Pairs & Level)

Command Picture Hanging Kit- The Damage-Free Way To Transform your Living Space

No more being afraid of permanently damaging your walls when you want to hang your favorite pictures.

Command brings you its signature, damage-free, heavy-duty picture hanging strips that remove cleanly, combined with a handy leveler, so that you get the picture-perfect results when it’s decorating time.

    Velcro-like Hanging Strips

Unlike hooks and nails, the Command picture hanging strips do not damage your wall and are a perfect choice for drywalls/wood walls too, as they are easily and cleanly removable.

Hang or re-hang your pictures, with zero hassle and repairing.

    Heavy-Duty Weight Capacity

The ideal choice for all standard frames (4×6, 8×10 etc) our 3m Velcro strips can also handle bigger, heavier picture frames up to 24×36, with ease.

Weight Guide:

    ✔ For approx. 16lbs (7.2kg) use 4 strips

    ✔ For approx. 8lbs use 2 strips

    ✔ For approx. 4lbs use 1 strip

Kit Complete with Leveler

Get all your pictures, paintings, artwork or DIY projects perfectly straight and aligned as with each kit we include a handy bubble leveler for your convenience.

A Deal Packed with Value

On each purchase you get 12-pairs of our hanging strips (24 strips total) that can help you hang up to 6 picture frames, along with our leveler.

Click Add To Cart Today & Leave Nails, Hooks & Weak Putties Behind!

Product Features

  • A COMPLETE PICTURE HANGING KIT: Enjoy everything you need to get your favorite pictures up on your wall in a single pack: 12 Pairs of our 3m Hanging Strips that can hang anything from small to large & heavy pictures, and a Leveler to make sure everything is perfectly straight.
  • KEEP YOUR WALLS DAMAGE-FREE: Command’s picture hanging strips allow you to effortlessly put up any picture on the wall, with zero damage. A perfect choice for properly treated tiled surfaces, drywalls or any type of wooden wall- our strips are easily and cleanly removable, without any damage done like traditional nails and hooks.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CAPACITY FOR LARGER FRAMES: Command strips are exactly what you need to hang both large-heavy pictures as well as smaller sizes of frames. With a weight capacity of up to 16lbs (7.2kg) with 4 strips, 8lbs with 2 strips and 4lbs with 1 strip- they will fulfill all your needs, for frames up to 24″x36″.
  • LEVELER FOR PICTURE-PERFECT RESULTS: From hanging a single picture to multiple pictures next to each other, leveling them properly can always be a hassle. That’s why we include with each purchase a handy little bubble leveler that will allow you to perfectly align any picture within seconds.
  • COMMAND-A LEGACY OF QUALITY, MADE IN THE USA: Command proudly adheres to the highest quality standards so that you and your family can enjoy safely hanging all your memories, artwork, art & craft projects, paintings and pictures on your walls. All our hanging strips are made in the USA, under strict quality control.

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